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Duct Cleaning and Sealing with Aeroseal
Delivers more benefits than any other single solution.

Many homeowners opt to have their ducts cleaned, which helps with a dusty home. However, they never considered how their duct system became so dirty in the first place. When ducts are not properly sealed the supply and return systems suck up dirt, dust, pollen, and even odors as they travel through the uncleaned portions of your home. Places like the attic, crawlspaces, and the insides of your walls. (cont below)

Duct Sealing with Aeroseal

With more than 80 million affected homes in the US alone, the EPA estimates that almost $25 Billion per year is wasted in lost energy. On average ¢30 of every $1 spent on heating and cooling, never makes it to your living space due to cracks and leaks in your air ducts. 

According to a study conducted by a third party for the Department of Energy

"Duct repairs could be the most important energy improvement measure you can do if your ducts are in the attic. If only one-half the typical loss of uninsulated and unsealed ducts that are in attics or crawl spaces were saved, it would amount to $160 off the total heating and cooling bill in a typical home. This savings is based on the national average use of natural gas and electricity for central heating and cooling at the national average energy cost of 70 cents per them, and 8 cents per kilowatt-hour. With these savings, the cost to seal and insulate the ducts would most likely be paid for after three years." (source)


How to Tell if You Have Leaky Ducts

If you have hot/cold spots in your home, dust, or experiencing allergies and/or high utility bills, chances are you have leaky ducts.

How We Can Help

At Divine Energy Solutions we use Aeroseal's innovative technology that quickly and efficiently seals the cracks and holes in your air vent system from the inside, making your home healthier, safer, and more comfortable, enhancing the performance of your air conditioning and heating system while improving the environment. It saves you money at the same time. 

How Aeroseal Works

The simple Aeroseal process ensures precise sealing in just a few hours.

We connect Aeroseal's proven technology to your home’s heating & and air system to distribute the sealing formula. 

The non-toxic, water-based formula effectively seals all the holes in your air ducts and vents, making sure your air goes where you need it – not where you don’t. 

Have peace of mind seeing real-time results while the cracks are being sealed. You’ll even get a certificate of completion showing the before and after results.

Aeroseal Residential 3D illustration
graphic showing a cut away of a house and the points at which the conditioned air is leaking out.

Before Aerosealing

graphic of a house after being Aerosealed

After Aerosealing

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