The NJ Clean Energy Program (HPwES) was instituted by the state of NJ to encourage NJ home owners to make their homes more energy efficient. Through this program, you could be eligible for up to $4,000 in rebates and up to $10,000 in 0% interest loans or $15,000 in 0.99% interest loan.. The program covers air sealing, insulation upgrades, and heating and cooling equipment upgrades or conversions.

The first step in discovering eligibility is to have a home energy audit done on your home by a BPI certified home energy auditor. This audit must be performed by a NJ Clean Energy Program approved contractor like Divine Energy Solutions. 

The energy audit will show how much excess fuel your home is using in order to heat and cool. Before a home is properly air sealed and insulated most of its conditioned air is leaked out of the thermal boundary into the outside, making the heating and cooling equipment turn on more frequently and in turn wasting money.

New Jersey's goal is to reduce that unnecessary demand on our natural resources. This in turn saves the typical NJ homeowner on their over all utility bills, electricity, oil, natural gas, and propane. On top of the awesome savings that the majority of homeowners experience through the Clean Energy Program, the comfort level in the home is greatly improved.

For further information please visit the NJ Clean Energy website at or schedule a home energy audit  with us today!

NJ Clean Energy Program

Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES)